Trent Diesel vs Ryan Rockford The Oil.. Nakedkombat 2010 Ryan Rockford Domination, Humiliation

The manly and ripped Trent Diesel is back . This week he takes on rookie, Ryan Rockford. Ryan is a ex navy seal who has training in judo, boxing, and wrestling. His body is solid muscle. So as to boost his skills, Trent was hitting the gym and doing a great deal of cardio, combined with burst sets. He intends to allow his opponent wear out himself till the point of exhaustion then slam him into the mat. In preparation for his first game, Ryan was working hard because of his endurance, together with some high intensity weight training. He is confident he will have the ability to out strategize and out electricity Trent without any problems. Both of them are awaiting fucking the hell out of the other stud, but someone always has to submit. Who is it this week?

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