Naughty Miss Pottypants! Houseoftaboo 2013 Demetris Skirt, Indoor

Poor Demetris!

It’s bad enough that her grades as a first year college student are not up to par. . .but she appears to be with other troubles too. She’s behaving rather immature, will we say. . .dressing a bit youthfully. . .sitting at the very first row and showing off her thighs to Professor Bloom and batting her eyelashes at him. . .and subsequently in the midst of a significant lecture, lifting her hand and requesting permission to go to the bathroom! The rest of the pupils in the lecture hall laugh at the silliness of her behaviour, even as the baffled professor, that is not used to his freshmen and freshwomen requesting potty permission, only nods his assent. However, when Demetris attempts to get into the bathroom down the hallway, she discovers it is locked! Oh dear! What’s a girl to do but squeeze her smooth legs together to attempt and hold back the urine? But that is not going to solve the problem. The door is not going to open. On the flip side, she does not have time to race around the corridors looking for the custodian to unlock the door, therefore. . .so she’ll only need to go on the ground unless she would like to maintain her her panties and soaking her socks and making her pretty mary jane sneakers all stinky with urine! Look at the place that only seemed, it is just the beginning, so that she not wait! She tugs apart the pink cotton crotch panel also lets it rip. Oh this feels so good to let out all that pee. . .she knew she should not have drunk so much soda this morning with her lunch. . .yes, she knows soda is bad for breakfast, but she adores it! Nothing like a scrambled egg sandwich and root beer to begin a girl’s day! And now it is coming out from all of that pee, all around the floor, exactly what a gusher, and that she expects nobody out of the lecture hall can see her doing this! At the time, she TELLS herself that she hopes nobody can see her. . .because she surely does not mind if WE watch! 😉

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